What I do

Do you need a lead Android app developer to get your project off the ground using either the Android SDK or Flutter? Do you need an experienced Android app developer to implement a new feature in your app?

I’m an Android/Hybrid app developer with 6+ years experience with the Android SDK and 6 months experience with Flutter. I have worked as a lead Mobile developer and I contributed to several open source projects. Finally, you can find more details about my career on my LinkedIn profile.

I work from different locations in the world and I am reachable over the Skype/email.

I provide different types of services, such as coding a new app from scratch (IONIC, using the Android SDK or Flutter), and adding/amending features in an existing Android app.

I am happy to do video calls, which, in my experience, can cover for 99% of cases usually handled by a face to face meeting.

My current professional priorities are:

  • Developing useful and maintainable Android apps
  • Helping others develop useful, beautiful, and maintainable Android/Hybrid apps
  • Experimenting with Cross-platform Native apps (React Native, Flutter & Nativescript)

I last updated this page in Jan 2019.


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